How'd you get so smart?

I'm so relieved that I can finally tell you about ThinkFood. It's been hard, waiting for the launch, but today's the day, and now you can know that I've had the honor to be a part of an unique new cookbook. ThinkFood, is a collection of recipes from food bloggers around the world with a common theme. All the recipes feature an ingredient that is considered brain food, or in other words, food that has been shown to have a scientific positive improvement on your brainiac ability. Maybe it'll even help you get better at Sudoku.

This cookbook is the brainchild (sorry) of a company called Posit Science. I didn't know about them before I heard about the project, but since then I've discovered their products, and in my opinion they're onto a great idea. Everyone could benefit from paying a little more attention to their brain health. I mean after all those years in college (and after) of abusing your brain cells (not me of course) it's probably a smart idea to do something that can have a positive effect on your brain now. The cookbook illustrates a tasty way to approach these concerns just by eating. The cookbook covers salads and appetizers, main courses, snacks, and of course desserts. Can you guess which category I picked?

Posit Science will distribute one recipe from the ThinkFood cookbook every Wednesday for the next 50 weeks to all who subscribe. This includes the print version of the recipe for free, more about the brain healthy ingredient in each recipe, and the blogger who contributed the recipe. The actual hard copy of the cookbook will be available for purchase in July. I've seen the list of bloggers who have participated, and I can promise you, this will be the best tasting "health" food you'll ever have.

Join ThinkFood's recipe of the week campaign, sign up here. (It's free).

Of course, my contribution to the cookbook was in the Dessert category, but you'll have to wait until it's my week to hear be continued.

Learn more about Posit Science and their company here.