beginnings are awkward but exciting...

Well, here I am. One of a gazillion budding food bloggers. Despite, my trepidation of jumping into a already crowded pond, it's my way of being an active part of a world I've been watching from a distance for years. I'm excited to be part of this community and to continue learning. I believe learning by doing is the best way. For instance, tonight while making fried rice for dinner, I decided to try the old wrist flick of the wok to toss the rice, ya know, more professionally. I knew I didn't really have the move down enough to attempt it with more than a half-full pot, but I figured, I had to try in order to get better. What I learned is that I need more practice, and cooking in flip flops can lead to burnt toes when wok-tossed fried rice takes flight.

Dinner - 4 potato-spinach pierogies fried in butter with onions and sour cream,;
Small portion of bizarre fried rice (brown basmati rice, Japanese-style recipe, with choizo in place of bacon)

Recently read and loving - Shuna's Extreme Baking write-up, check it:

Moral of the story - Willingness to fail, a crucial quality of creative people the world over, is also a key ingredient in becoming a better cook. I'm one wok flip closer to being a better ... something.